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Shampoo service



路 This service is for surgery customers.
路 You can use it during the treatment period.
路 The number of times of shampoo service is determined depending on the type of surgery.
路 The person in charge will inform you about the post-surgery shampoo service.
Clients Surgery clients
Contents Shampoo service 1-2 times
Request Provided during the treatment period, reservation required
Additionally Additional shampoo service upon request, 5,000 won per 1 session


Additional information

路 Conducted by in-hospital team members who are familiar with surgery.
路 It is safer to get the service in the clinic rather than receiving it at a beauty salon.
路 It is the most important services for surgery customers. They are highly satisfied with this service.

路 It is a service that has been developed while attracting foreigners for a long time.
路 You can receive a more comfortable treatment than in your home country.
路 You can visit alone and get the treatment.

* Update : 2023.08.26