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'U' know B'U'SAN? - 3. This week's event in Busan



In Busan, various festivals and events are held each month, celebrating local culture, or commemorating historically significant days. Among them, there are festivals that provide a good understanding of Korean culture and are visually stunning. Here ar a couple to highlight:



1. Busan Lantern Festival



April 8th in Lunar Calendar (this year it will be May 15th) is Buddha's birthday. Buddhism was introduced to Korea over 1700 years ago, it has become indigenous, establishing itself as a religion with Korean characteristics. There are ancient temples throughout Korea, and Buddhism is an important part of Korean history. Therefore, Buddha's birthday is designated as a national holiday, and various events are held around that time.



Lantern lighting is a ritual performed in Buddhism to honor the teachings of Buddha, who instructed to illuminate the darkness. Lanterns are mainly made in the shape of lotus flowers, symbolizing Buddhism. This year's Busan Lantern Festival will take place at Busan Citizen Park on May 11th(Sat) and continue with the Lantern Culture Festival at Song Sang Hyun Square until May 12th (Sun). It is a great opportunity to experience various activities such as hanging the wishing lanterns and traditional cultural experiences for free.





2. Joseon Diplomatic Mission Festival 2024



The diplomatic mission was an official envoy sent to Japan with the name of the king during the Joseon Dynasty. Riviving the diplomatic missions that traveled between Joseon and Japan twelve times from 1607 to 1811, this festival emphasizes the cultural exchange aspect of that era and aims to enhance friendship between Korea and Japan. As Busan is the closest port city to Japan, playing an important role in diplomatic relations between two countries, the festival is held annually from the first Friday to Sunday of May for three days at Yongdusan Park and Gwangbok-ro.



If you are in Busan during this week, it would be a memorable experience to have a look and even participate above festivals. I definately recommend you if you wish to understand more about Korea in terms of history and culture.


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* Posting update : 2024.05.02