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Spring in Korea, blossoms are everywhere!



Like most of the part in the world, Spring is the season full of many different types of blossoms in Korea. Cherry Blossoms start to show from middle of March towards April, followed by Magnolias, Azaleas, Forsythias, Rape Flowers, etc. Many places have little festivals with these blossoms, and people just get overwhelmed by their scent and beauty.



I, who have spent most of the life abroad, have NEVER seen the Cherry Blossom in real. This year was the first Spring in Korea after decades, so I decided to go see the blossoms! There are many famous spots in Busan and nearby areas, but I was concerned about being packed with people. Thus, avoiding those well-known places, I put myself into the train and went to Ulsan.






Cherry Blossoms were fully bloomed, and the world seemed so pink as if I looked through the filtered lens. It was indeed very beautiful, and the breeze made the scene even more dramatic. Tulips and Roses were everywhere as well in Ulsan Grand Park, their vivid colour refreshed people and gave such happy feelings. It was a nice walk being surrounded by full of blossoms, and I totally agree that Spring is the season that makes people's hearts flutter.






We usually say 'like a flower' when we describe someone or something beautiful. We at She's Plastic Surgery aim to find the true and natural beauty from each of our customer. Like we say, no flower in this world is as beautiful as you are. Why don't you start your Spring more sparkle with us at She's Plastic Surgery? We are always here for you, ready to accompany you!



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* Posting update : 2024.04.23