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Our 2023 Performance in Attracting Foreign Clients

아잉 Posting update : 2024.07.13

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute has published the 2023 foreign client attraction achievements of She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.

The clinic attracted a total of 1,193 visitors from overseas, with the majority coming from Japan and Taiwan. When including foreign visitors residing in Korea, the total number rises to 1,987. 2023 marked a return to the level of performance seen in 2019, when foreign attraction was at its peak.

The year 2023 proved to be exceptionally busy, as the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic finally came to an end. Consequently, foreign clients, whose return had been uncertain, have started to visit Korea once more. Additionally, new interpreters have joined our team, expanding our ability to provide comprehensive treatment to clients from various countries, including Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and English-speaking nations.

We are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our medical services for those who entrust us with their care. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can have full confidence in our operations. Our goal is to establish She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic as the premier destination for foreigners seeking treatment, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Thank you.

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