She’s Plastic Surgery- clinic that you choose based on absolute trust


The 21st anniversary of the clinic.

We started attracting international customers from Mongolia and
English-speaking countries.

Internal infrastructure  is available in 6 different languages.


All-inclusive plastic surgery services for customers from
Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Vietnam

She's Plastic Surgery Clinic is selected as one of the leading medical organizations in terms of attracting international customers in Busan. (2020-2022)


Introduction of Medical Spa Therapy

Started attracting customers from Vietnam

Yearly report: 2393 international customers with 4031 procedures and surgeries


Yearly report: attracted 1595 number of international customers

Stable increase in the number of customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Relocation from Lotte Department Store to the current location.

Extended space of more than 200 square meters.


Has been selected as a leading clinic attracting customers from different countries with different languages.

In addition to locals, visit of customers residing in Japan, Russia, China.


Earned a considerable reputation as a top anti-aging plastic surgery clinic.

More than 80% customers for anti-aging surgeries come through the recommendations by their friends and relatives.

Start of attracting customers from Russia


After receiving an offer from the Lotte Department Store, we continued our business in the building of Lotte Department Store


Registered and recognized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute as a medical organization attracting international customers


Started attracting international customers for the first time. Japanese customers were our first international customers.

Active promotion and building the Japanese interpretation and coordination infrastructure


Establishing Editor team

Building an internal promotion infrastructure focused on contents creation

Provision of accurate, precise and timely information by editors


The name of the clinic is changed into “She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic”

Division and formation of consultation and nursing team along with the
coordinator service.


Has become one of the frequently visited plastic surgery clinics representing the Jung-Gu area.

Established an excellent reputation and gained trust from the schools and neighboring shopping centers.


Started as a small-sized plastic surgery clinic for the local people of Busan city

She’s Plastic surgery clinic was initially named after the main surgeon’s name.

* Update : 2023.09.19

We would really like to express our endless gratitude to our customers. Owing to your trust and love for the last 22 years, we have been growing and developing constantly.
This would not have been possible without your help. Therefore, as a token of our gratitude for the invaluable contribution you have made for all these years, we promise to do our utmost and continue to provide high level of service.
We hope that She’s Plastic Surgery will remain as a trusting clinic for you. We will make every effort to achieve that. Thank you.